Bundaberg Coral Coast

The Bundaberg Coral Coast and Country area is gateway to one of the most famous places on earth, The world heritage listed, Great Barrier Reef. In this area you will take in breathtaking views of the hinterland and rugged moutains and terrain, beautiful scenery and plant life that leads you to the crystal waters of the Reef. Live coral, exquisite marine life and white sandy beaches. Magnificent ocean life that you will see no where else in the world is located right here. Visitors travel from all over the world just to scuba dive in these protected waters. You can take a professional guided tour out on the waters where locals will give you all the information you need to learn more about this fabulous place or just venture there yourself and see what you can find.

This is truly a beautiful place and you will not be disapointed when seeing the Reef. Scuba dive, swim and photograph some of the most colourful live coral, pretty fish and marine animals, along with the deep sea that is fabulous to take in from the air if you so wish. Something everyone of all ages can enjoy and be mesmerised by.

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