Bundaberg Ginger Beer

With 120 people working for this company and grossing a whopping 50 million dollars annally, this is another well thought out business that is rapidly growing and situated right in the heart of Bundy. Another product line which is enjoyed all over the country and there really is nothing quite like Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Founded in 1960, this 50 year old business has gone from small to booming in no time at all and has made over twelve different flavour style ginger beer drinks which are enjoyed by people of all ages. Touring this factory is easy and it is not hard to locate when in Bundaberg with it’s large barrell outside.

This makes a great, fun time out for the whole family with a humorous 3D show that makes learning about how the ginger beer is made interesting for the kids. Also inside is a gift store, with a variety of merchandise you can purchase and a tasting bar for lovers of the beer. Here you can try all the different flavours there is on offer and pick which one you like best. There are even dietry drinks available in four of the different flavours if you prefer ‘diet’ style. Overall, this place is a fabulous way to learn more about what makes Bundaerg such a terriffic place to visit and what makes this place so famous the world around

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