Bundaberg Rum Distillery

It was in 1888 that the first batch of Rum was first made, and who knew that well over 100 years later this famous Rum would be enjoyed the world over by lovers of it’s taste. It is well known as not only a Bundaberg icon, but one of the Aussie icons as well.

So much so was the demand and interest in the product that the distillery opened it’s doors to the public in 1986 for a tour guided family fun day out and the Rum Factory has not looked back since. The tour guide takes you on a journey through the first stages of the process of making their Rum, to the aromas that fill the factory as the second stages of the Rum is being made.

You can also enjoy a drink at the bar and try other Rum Liqueor goodies that are on offer for lovers of the Rum. This tour guide is obviously mostly enjoyed by adults only, but children are very welcome to come along, athough there are no activities tailored to their liking. However, children who have come along have certianly enjoyed the sights of what is going on around them and learning something themselves.

There is a museum and merchandise also available at the Distillery where you can purchase all sorts of Rum memorabillia such as, caps, keyrings, stubbie coolers and magnets. Stainless steel Bundy Rum thermos and matching mugs make a great gift package for those lovers of the Rum. For the golf lover, and rum lover there is a umbrella gift set that would wow any male.

And if you really want to lash out on golfing ideas, there are golf balls you can purchase to go with your umbrella gift idea. Wall clocks, bar runners and mens wallets also make a great idea for Bundy lovers. If you know of someone who loves to drink Bundy, you just cant go past these fabulous ideas. Several other Rum products of a different interest are also available. and they are the original Bundaberg Rum, OP Rum and Bundaberg Red, all available in the 750ml size bottle.

Dry and Lime, Dark and Stormy and Cola are available in mixes of the 375ml can variety. At the bar these are all on offer for you to try and purchase if you wish. At this famous distillery you will also learn about how the clever men of the 1800’s were to make this famous drink from too much sugar being processed and not enough transportation to deliver the goods that would be financially worthy.

These men worked out how to make a profit, which would later become a very big fortune, out of putting their heads together for idea’s. It is a truly magnificent idea venture that turned into a large fortune and a definite boost to the Bundaberg Region.

And there are also so many recipe idea’s to that go hand in hand with Bundy Rum- Cocktail style! Many beverages and cocktails are made with Bundy Rum because it is the taste you just cannot go past.

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