Famous Faces of Bundaberg

There are many names, or faces that represent Bundaberg. Some good, some bad. Some famous from the sporting abilties they portrail, some famous from being part of newsheadlines around the country.

Some famous long after they have passed on, and some famous for the good they have brought to the region and ecconomy. However they have ended up on this list, they are well known names, or faces that you can relate to. Here they are:

BERT HINKLER- pioneers aviator (heritage building named after him)
GLADYS MONCRIEFF- singer (local cinema named after her)
BURT EVERETT- broadcaster/singer/songwriter
DON TALLON- australian cricketer
MAL MENIGA- legendary footballer
CHRIS SARRA- 2004 Queenslander of the Year
MICHELLE STEELE- 2006 winter olympian
TROY ELDER- hockey player
STEVE GOODALL- cyclist, 1978 commonwealth games bronze medalist and competed in the 1976 olympics.
ALLAN DAVIS- 2009 road cyclist winner at the Tour Down Under
JAYANT PATEL- alledged ‘Dr of Death’ of Bundaberg Hospital

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